KOMPAS-3D V18 Crack x86 x64 Download

Full Version KOMPAS-3D V18 Crack x86 x64 Download

KOMPAS-3D V18 Crack x86 x64 is a professional Three-Dimensional (3D) program which helps to design the 3D graphics what you imagine in your mind. The program is fully algorithm for processing and advances parametric technologies. The program has multiple design building along with specific design module. The use of the program is not much difficult because the program has a friendly interface and complete help guide.

The main function of the tool is to design the object with the 3D design to produce the mental processed design in the visual. The practicality of the tool is often wide-ranging using applications that may expand the capabilities of Crack Version KOMPAS-3D with effective solutions to extremely specialised engineering tasks. The modularity of the system permits the user of the program to pick out for himself the number of necessary applications that are required to implement the desired practicality.

Full Version KOMPAS-3D Features

  • Work with 3D at a professional level.
  • Support almost all three-dimensional formats, including non-standard. 
  • The possibility of top-down design.
  • Standards that support thousands of businesses.
  • The program is fairly easy to learn for those who are familiar with three-dimensional modelling.
  • Own mathematical core.
  • Parametric technologies from AXON specialists.
  • A detailed study of knots, shafts, bushings.
  • Work with complex surfaces: extrusion, full rotation, work on points, sections and any curves.
  • Formation of a specific electronic model of products with their own technical requirements.
  • Ability to work on assemblies in multiplayer mode.


Installation and treatment program

To enjoy all the charms of the full version of the editor, it is not necessary to search and download the KOMPAS 3D key. It is enough to do a couple of simple manipulations.

  1. The first step is to run the “Setup.exe” file from the “Base” folder.
  2. In the installation wizard, select the “Custom installation” item.
  3. At the very bottom of the list of components, find the “Key Protection Program” and select “This component will be unavailable” for it.
  4. After installation, place the contents of the folder “! Crack! ”To the“ C: \ Program Files \ ASCON \ KOMPAS-3D V16 ”program directory.
  5. Launch the program and go to the “Service => Options => General => System Management” section, where you check the “Automatically receive a license to work in Compass 3D” checkbox.


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