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Download Windows 10 (Pro+Enterprises)  Full Setup 32bit.Window 10 Technical operating system recently launched by Microsoft.this operating system Launch with fully advanced technologies to meets the requirement of users.this operating system comes with all in one utility tools along with features enables both homes as well as professional users to easily use it. The overlying objective of this operating system is to symbolize the Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to combine the Windows Phone, Windows PC, Windows Embedded as well as Xbox in one product families.
You can easily use this Windows 10 (Pro+Enterprises) operating system on multiple devices such as a computer, laptop, and tablet. This operating system includes lots of features as well as tools that efficiently runs the latest apps on the desktop as well as in full-screen mode. Windows 10 has been added new revision of the desktop such as start menu and virtual desktop system to develop the experience for the keyboard as well as mouse users.

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Windows 10 Features

A Truly Unified Store For Apps

With Windows 10 and beyond, Microsoft will allow consumers to source content for all devices running its software from one central point. No longer will there be a different store for Xbox, Windows Phone, and Windows, but looking ahead, apps, music, video, and other such effects will be plucked from the same portal.


Microsoft has long since sought to cater to business and enterprise markets with Windows, and as you’d expect, there’s big emphasis once again with Windows 10. With features including corporate data protection, and what the company refers to as modern management,  business users will continue to thrive on what Microsoft is already dubbing as the best enterprise platform ever.

Start Menu

Hauled with very little remorse with the introduction of Windows 8, the removal of the long-standing Start menu left many users with a feeling of bemusement, but as promised, the traditional Start menu is back.
It mixes elements of old and new, animating like it did on Windows 7 but sporting remnants of that Metro / Modern interface, and not only does this seem like a happy medium, but Start menu tiles can also be resized.

Continuum Mode

If you boast a two-in-one PC then you’ll be presented with a brand new Start Screen. And under-the-hood, Windows 10 will detect which sort of hardware you are running and it will adjust the user-interface to fit your needs.

Enhanced Search

Continuing on the topic of the Start menu, the search has also been enhanced with Windows 10. Users will be able to key in their search queries directly from Start and can perform both local and Web searches using this particular facility.

Desktop Optimizations

Microsoft was panned by critics for going on head-first with its big Metro / Modern ideas for Windows 8 without considering that the vast majority of its user base used “ and still do use “ traditional rigs bereft of the touch-screen.
Windows 8.1 pandered to desktop users considerably with many of the changes that it brought, and with Windows 10, this trend continues. Windowed Metro / Modern apps should play nicer with the keyboard and mouse arrangement, and for the most part, PC and notebook users should feel a great deal more comfortable with Windows 10 than they did back in 2012 with Windows 8.


Multitasking continues to be an integral aspect as we seek to perform numerous tasks concurrently, and with Windows 10, Microsoft has added a couple of new features to make multitasking even simpler and more fluid.
The new Task View button, for example, which is located on the taskbar, throws up an Expos©-like view of all of your apps, and even though Windows 10 is still very much in development, productive users will certainly enjoy some of the tweaks that have been made here.

Enhanced Snap View

The all-new Snap Assist UI allows up to four apps to be snapped on the same screen, as per Microsoft official press release, and with a neat, smart suggestions feature that’ll indicate which open apps you should fill up empty desk space with, it’s a very intuitive all-around feature.

Multiple Desktops

Windows users have long since bombarded themselves with an overloaded desktop, with files and apps accumulating into one big hullabaloo. With Windows 10, users will be able to create multiple/virtual desktops, allowing productive, organized folk to arrange separate desktops for different tasks, while those messy folk can make a real mess over several plains rather than just the one.
Full Version Setup Download
The Full Version of Windows 10, which has been referenced ad nauseam over the last couple of months, will be available for users to test starting October 1st, 2014. The all-new Windows Insider Program will, a bit like Apple new OS X Beta Seed program, allow regular users to test drive unfinished software should they so wish, although as exciting as it sounds, interested parties should remember that the experience is likely to be buggier and more erratic than usual.
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