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Synthesia full free Code is an amazing game that teaches you to play the piano using falling notes. With it’s you can learn to play songs using a musical keyboard connected to your computer. You can keep track of your progress in every song with per-song scoreboards, Slow, fast-forward, and rewind songs while learning new parts. As well as you can do practice left and right-hand parts together or separately. Try out any MIDI file you can find on the Internet. With the new (completely optional) for-pay “Learning Pack” component there are a couple more features you can unlock. Have an easier time learning the notes in a song with the new practice mode. And, view songs as sheet music in addition to the falling note display.

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Synthesia Serial Key is a wonderful way to play and also learn the piano even if you do not have a genuine or real piano. Furthermore, it is an effective piano simulator that allows you to learn and play the piano normally from your PC. Therefore, it will educate you to play the piano with no trouble and enjoyable. In addition, you will be able to play the piano in accordance with your capabilities. It helps you to play custom MIDI files and in addition, connecting with MIDI devices, multiple practices feature such as “Melody Practice” which pauses the song whenever the user misses a note.

Synthesia Full Version 2017

It will play the rest for you on your goal. It can help you to track or feedback the progress immediate shows how you enjoyed. You will see next notes in melody practice right on your lighted keyboard. It will recall the user which finger ideal using a simple one-click gesture. You can leave it turned off or enable musical note for any long music just love the falling notes. It may also amuse you without any obstacles.

So, How does it Work?

Like Guitar Pro hero, notes tumble or fall down from the top of your display screen. Blue and green notes are meant to be played with your both hand i-e left and right hand. When the note touches the bottom of your screen, you click the matching key on your electric piano. Using the more play, you will reduce or increase the speed the score to correspond to your level.


  • You are able to get its full setup from the links the as given below
  • Using this method is very easy
  • Test your skills set
  • On-line contest and sharing on social bookmarking sites also added
  • Though this application, you can play with your desired speed
  • DEDD 5 songs from the under table and five nights Freddy nights
  • Now unique and updated version has added Slovenian and Polish support
  • Now retina support from Mac and Windows
  • More than 15 bug files
  • Easy to touch keyboard for easy access
  • It is totally trouble-free to use
  • It is also loaded with music notes
  • Become professional after getting its training
  • Plus 16 more features and 15 bug fixes

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WHAT’S NEW IN Version 10.3:

  • Added 5 songs from the Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy’s games.
    Added Slovenian and Polish language support.
    Retina support for Mac, now making Synthesia HiDPI-aware everywhere.
    Try the first 20 seconds of any song without unlocking Synthesia.
    Plus 16 more features and 15 bug fixes.


OS X 10.7 or later

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