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Dubsmash is an amazing Media & Video Apps, This app is developed by Mobile Motion GmbH. This a amazing way to communicate. You can combine your video with any popular audio quote and send this Dubbed to your friends,you can also add your voice or your desired voice on “soundboards” .
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Dubsmash is an app that lets you record yourself saying famous funny phrases and then share them with your friends through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Dubsmash works in a very simple way: you just have to choose one of the thousands of audio files available in the app, listen to it so you know exactly how it sounds, activate your camera, and then try to move your lips so it looks like you’re the one doing the talking.
The funniest way to communicate
1. Choose a famous quote
2. Record a video on it
3. Send the dubbed video to your friends
In Dubsmash’s audio gallery you’ll find thousands of famous quotes of all kinds: from cartoon phrases to declarations from politicians, and fragments of songs as well. All of them available to you so you can create your own Dubsmash.
Dubsmash is a very funny app, and with it you can record a video to delight your friends in a matter of seconds.
Dubsmash Download For Android Direct APK

  • It is a video app that allows you to communicate in a hilarious way. There is no limit as to how goofy you can go. What is even better is that you are the star of the show.
  • It is a messaging app with a funny twist. Rather than send a text message, you can send a video of you lip-syncing to funny and popular quotes complete with soundbites. Depending on how creative you are; your selfie video can run from hilarious to outrageously ridiculous.
  • It lets you record yourself with sound playing in the background. And, with addition of the Soundboards feature, you can manage sounds, create individual boards and subscribe to other boards.
  • Get to use your recorded video in several ways. Apart from using it as a video message, you can also save it to gallery and then post it on different social media channel, such as Facebook and Instagram to get all those Instagram likes you wish for. Send it through WhatsApp as well.
  • It allows you to enjoy online fame if you follow other users who have uploaded their selfie videos on YouTube. Check out the apps huge library of categories and find a clip that suits what you fancy posting for the day or the hour.
  • A mobile version of the app lets you enjoy Dubsmash, even when you are on the go. Just download it from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone.

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