Things 3.4 Crack Torrent

Things 3.4 Crack Torrent
Things 3.4 Torrent is a perfect application for MAC users who want to perform different tasks in a simple without following complicated steps and processes. This application is designed and developed for the MacOS. It comes with the initiative user interface. It will easily manage your task. Things 3.4 Crack Torrent is the best task manager you can have. Full version download from
Things 3.4 MAC Torrent is a task management solution that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things combine powerful features with simplicity through the use of tags and its intelligent filter bar. A Leopard style source list allows for quick and easy focusing.

Things 3.4 Crack Torrent

Things 3.4 Crack Torrent, together with a beautiful user interface, aims at the seemingly impossible: making task management both easy and fun. A Leopard-style source list lets you easily focus without ever switching view modes or wrapping your head around filter criteria. A magical tag bar automatically appears when needed and adapts to the currently displayed list. It lets you drill down even the longest list of To-Dos. Hierarchical tags? We got you covered.
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Things 3.4 Full Version offers convenient collaboration features. Easily delegate tasks to members of your team. (This is work in progress.). No columns! Whether it’s multiple tags, dates or notes, To-Do items display their information on an as-needed basis. No more space wasted by empty or irrelevant column cells. Out of your head, out of your way. A quick entry HUD lets you enter any idea the moment it hits you. Never let the thought of an unfinished business distract you again. Yours forever. We won’t lock you in. Things will use an open XML file format to store your data. (Not yet activated.) Things 3.4 Crack Torrent even supports GTD, so if you’re familiar and comfortable with GTD concepts, you’ll feel right at home.


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Things 3.4 Key Features:

  • Things’ links can also be used to execute a broad range of powerful commands from outside of the app – to create to-dos, show tag filters, perform searches, and so on.
  • Other apps can now easily send data into Things
  • Things now supports a special kind of link (or URL) that starts with “things”
  • enables diacritic-insensitive search
  • Easily delegate tasks to members of your team

Detail and System Requirements:

  • Version:
    Things 3.4 Crack Torrent
  • Size:
    19.4 MB
  • OS:
    10.10 and later
  • Processor:
  • Language:

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