Ghost Desktop Pro 1.5 Crack Torrent

Ghost Desktop Pro 1.5 Crack Torrent

Ghost Desktop Pro 1.5 Crack Torrent is a powerful utility for Mac users. This application will aid the user to protect the important data and files. The user can perform as fast as you want. Hide your files in the folder of your choice or requirement. You are provided with various option to show and hide your files. You can hide as well as view your files over any location in your system.
Ghost Desktop Pro 1.5 Crack + Key
Desktop Ghost Pro Activation Key allows you choose how you want to use the application. You can run the app as a standard application with an icon in the dock or as a menu bar extra app. You can also set Global Hotkeys to instantly hide and show everything on your desktop without having to use the mouse. Specify files to exclude from participating in the show and hide operations. You may wish to use this feature if you use third-party applications that add hidden files to your desktop that you always want to remain hidden. Simply go to Preferences to add or remove files to exclude.

Key Features:

  • Instantly hide and show all files on your desktop.
  • Optionally run Desktop Ghost Pro as a menu bar extra application for easy access.
  • Hide/Show your desktop items from the standard window or the menu bar.
  • Easily set Desktop Ghost Pro to run when you log in to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default)
  • Items dragged onto the desktop after a hide operation can be seen (unless you press the hide button again)
  • Use Global Hotkeys to show and hide everything on your desktop without using the mouse.
  • Get to files on your desktop even when they are hidden via the new “View Desktop Contents” button
  • Right-click the desktop in Finder and show and hide files using the new Desktop Ghost Pro Finder Sync extension (to use this feature, you must enable the Finder Sync extension in System Preferences)

Ghost Desktop Pro 1.5 Keygen
Detail and System Requirements:

  • Version:
    Ghost Desktop Pro 1.5
  • Size:
    3.1 MB
  • OS:
    10.10 and later
  • Processor:
  • Language:

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