Audulus 3.4.1 Crack MAC

Audulus 3.4.1 Crack Torrent for Mac

Audulus 3.4.1 Crack is a powerful application designed to manage and process your audio files. This application will aid you in the generation of fresh audios. You can change your creative ideas into reality by utilizing the amazing features of this application. The creation, editing and finalizing of the audios was not that much easy before. It will provide you Real-time processing that will make you able to use this application for your running performance to deal with audios.
Audulus 3.4.1 Crack MAC
Audulus 3.4.1 Crack Torrent for Mac Audulus processing nodes are diverse, powerful and easy to use, with customizable UI and no hidden controls. Control Audulus with your MIDI controller keyboard or control surface. Connections can be made to any knob so you can modulate any parameter. Nodes are optimized to handle extreme modulation. Combine monophonic and polyphonic processing in the same patch. Have precise control of when voices are mixed. Begin a patch on your iPhone or iPad while on the go. iCloud automatically syncs it between all your Mac/iOS devices.
Make connections while processing audio. Audulus 3.4.1 MAC Crack Full Version will fade connection changes so you won’t hear any pops or have sudden modulations.
Key Features:

  • Fluid Vector Interface – smooth animated interaction
  • MIDI control – use your control surface or MIDI keyboard
  • Polyphony – process multiple voices
  • Diverse Nodes – from ADSR to ZeroCross
  • Patch Browser – quickly flip through your patches
  • 32-bit floating-point signal processing
  • Fully Enhanced for Retina Display
  • Unlimited Undo – full history stored in a patch
  • Round-trip workflow with Audulus for Mac
  • Virtual MIDI – control Audulus from your favorite MIDI app
  • Audiobus support! – Runs as both an Input and Effect
  • Sub-Patches – group and reuse nodes
  • Universal Modulation – modulate any knob
  • iCloud support – effortlessly sync patches between Mac and iPad
  • Custom Nodes – build your own modules!
  • Timing mode – figure out which nodes are using the most CPU

Audulus 3.4.1 Crack MAC
Detail and System Requirements:

  • Version:
    Audulus 3.4.1
  • Size:
    30.45 MB
  • OS:
    10.11 and later
  • Processor:
  • Language:

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