MediaCoder 0.8.40 Build 5800 [ Direct ] Download

MediaCoder 0.8.40 Build 5800 [ Direct ] Download With Latest Update

MediaCoder 0.8.40 Build 5800 [ Direct ] Download
MediaCoder 0.8.40 Build 5800 is a specifically tailored app that can transcode various audio and video formats (e.g. VOB, AVI, MP3, OGG). The MediaCoder app is great for all kinds of audio and video transcoding as it has been pre-configured for most popular formats and screen resolutions. There are numerous different options, which are also available for you to get to grips with. With many extra features and a expandable architecture, MediaCoder is more than a GUI of a bunch of command line tools.
MediaCoder Features:
Converting between most popular audio and video formats
Multi-threaded transcoding and job-level parallelization
Transcoding with high performance and high quality
Flexible control over transcoding parameters Simplified
UI for popular mobile devices (PSP, iPhone/iPod etc)
Fully standalone, no dependancy on system codecs/splitters Simultaneous Segmental
Transcoding (in development)

  • Transcoding for all popular video formats.
  • Support for GPU encoding acceleration.
  • Support for AAC, MP3 and AMR audio.
  • Support for MPEG-4, H.263, H.264.
  • Support for high quality 2-pass encoding.
  • Changes in 0.8.40 Build 5800:
  • Fixed WMV file parsing issue
  • Updated French translation
  • MP4Box 0.5.2 rev1110
  • MPlayer/MEncoder svn-r37565 (x64)
  • MKVToolnix 8.6.1 (x64)
  • x265 1.8+167
  • MediaInfo 0.7.80

MediaCoder 0.8.40 Build 5800 [ Direct ] Download

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