DiskPulse 8.0.26 (32-bit) Free Download

DiskPulse 8.0.26 (32-bit) Free Download Full Version

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DiskPulse 8.0.26 change monitor provides multiple types of pie charts capable of showing numbers of changed files and the amount of changed disk space per extension, change type, file size and file type. In order to open the charts dialog in the DiskPulse GUI application, select the ‘Command – View Charts’ menu item.

Save Disk Monitoring Reports
DiskPulse Pro provides power computer users with the ability to export disk monitoring reports to the HTML, Excel CSV and text formats. In order to export a disk monitoring report, press the ‘Report’ button located on the main toolbar.
SQL Database Integration
DiskPulse Ultimate and DiskPulse Server provide the ability to export detected file system changes to an SQL database via the ODBC database interface. In order to be able to export file system changes to an SQL database, the user need to configure the ODBC database interface on the main options dialog.
Monitor Specific File Types
DiskPulse Pro provides power computer users with the ability to monitor specific file types according to the specified file matching rules. For example, the user may specify to monitor changes in program files and DLL libraries located on the system disk.
Send E-Mail Notifications
Sometimes, it may be required to send E-Mail notifications about changes in critical system directories or files. In order to enable E-Mail notifications for a disk change monitoring command, open the monitoring command dialog, select the ‘Advanced’ tab, enable disk change monitoring actions and specify the number of file system changes that should trigger the specified notifications actions.
Execute Custom Actions
DiskPulse Ultimate and DiskPulse Server provide power users and IT professionals with the ability to automatically generate reports, send messages to the system event log, save reports to an SQL database and/or execute custom commands, scripts and/or batch files when a disk monitoring operation detects a user-specified number of file system changes.
Command Line Utility
In addition to the GUI application, DiskPulse Ultimate includes a command line utility allowing one to monitor disks or directories from an OS shell window. The DiskPulse command line utility provides power users and system administrators with the ability to integrate disk monitoring capabilities into batch files and shell scripts. The DiskPulse command line utility is located in the /bin directory.

DiskPulse 8.0.26 (32-bit) Free Download

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